Current Wrap Pricing 2012

Are you small business that just needs a logo mark on your multiple vans or transit connects?  This package is for you! Starting at $499.00 you can get that service vehicle branded with your logo.  Small Business Package $499.00


You’ve got your gig van, fleet or florist shop and have a little more money to spend. You are a promoter, my friend! This package starts at $1100.00 and can provide the coverage you need. Promoter Van Wrap Package $1100.00


As head of Marketing for your Small business, you wear many hats. How do you advertise your product with the best ROI with comparison to billboards? Give your van the full wrap package! Our Elite package starting at $2200.00  can get your mobile billboard moving. Now, the question is what to put on it? THE_ElitePackage_Van2200


Details, details! Now that you are ready to spend the money, give us a call, there are of course a few things to know before deciding on wrapping your car or van. We also sell banners, posters and other products that works just as well for your marketing budget. Call us for a free consultation, we have been in the industry for over 15 years, we like to help provide a realistic projection for your businesses growth!

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